Once upon a time there was a land of hope and sunshine. The soil was rich and orange trees grew in abundance. One day however, the noble lords who owned the land, were not content with simple orange trees anymore. They wanted to have something more profitable on their land. Thus they resolved to build a city, which was to become the most beautiful city of their time. Thousands of families would live together in pleasure and serenity. Excited by their plan the noble lords called their prospective city “La Serena”.


“La Serena” began quickly to take shape. Money flowed in seemingly endless streams. Word spread around and people came from all over the country. They looked at the construction site with admiration and said: “Oh, if only we could live in this wonderful place, in “La Serena!”

For many years the noble lords and the people were confident and saw no reason to worry. How surprised was everyone, when all of a sudden the money ceased to flow! With the money gone, constructions on “La Serena” came to a standstill, and still stood all the other construction sites in the country. LaSerena_2

Now the noble lords did not know how to complete their city. And so, after carefully locking its many doors and bricking its windows, they left “La Serena” for good. For many years “La Serena” stood empty, with nobody passing through except the wind. The splendid new city became a ghost town, a blind spot on any map available.


People anxiously avoided to go near “La Serena”. The uninhabited city itself started falling apart. Rumors went around that the place was haunted by the restless souls of those who had lost their existence building “La Serena”.


They were supposed to be damned sitting in an enormous hall and watching their money being burned by mysterious white rabbits feeding their barbecue. The white rabbits´ barbecue, so people were telling, was going to last for the next hundred years.


Some day however, a young princess from a far away land would come “La Serena”. Because of her curiosity and her innocent heart she will follow one of the white rabbits and make her way through a maze of innumerable closed doors behind which dead space is waiting. The princess will reach the very heart of the place and release the lost souls by an outbreak of laughter. Only then the peoples´ broken dreams will rise to the sky, burst and fall down to the ground as tears of regret.

Then, so people say, the soil will be consoled and new orange trees will start growing.

January 2014